Writing Product Description in 5 Easy Steps

Product Description & SEO

Writing Product Description

Writing a search engine friendly product description for your online store is crucial for success of any online store.

Since search engines can’t read images (at least not yet, one day they will), the product description is the only thing that search engines will re-examine before they display the bits and pieces of that information in a search results.

Write meaningful title for the item you are going to sell. This is maybe the most important part of writing a product description if you want to sell a product. Your title should contain your keywords (keyword phrases). Think, if you were a buyer, how you would search for that product? And then include all these words in a product title.

Specify correct size. There is nothing more disappointing than to buy something on the Internet expecting one size, but at the end receiving a different size product. Inches? Centimeters? You may consider specifying both.

Specify the color. The color (or multiple colors of your product) should be part of the product description. Believe it or not, search crawlers pay attention at the color you specified. If somebody is looking for a “red tea kettle” and you are selling a red tea kettle, specify color “red” either in the title or product description or even both. When you sell the products of multiple colors, don’t forget to specify all colors in a description text.

Be specific. If the product is made out of cotton or wool, glass or metal, or anything supernatural, specify it. Don’t be afraid to be very specific. In fact the more specific you are the better. Describe every detail of your product. The search engines will pick up all words used in your product description. These details help the Web crawlers to make their “intelligent decision.”

Describe how the product could be used. Write step-by-step instruction or create a YouTube video showing how real people use your product in a real life.

Include additional product recommendations. Add a list of products that people usually buy in your store in addition to the main product.

You are almost done. Now read one more time your product description and get rid of all unnecessary words. Internet buyers are busy people. Keep only the content that is valuable to your target markets and audiences.

Final Thoughts

Use high quality photos. Remember the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Definitely true on the Internet.

Include testimonials of people who purchased your product in a past.

Check statistics daily on Google Analytics or any other web log (AWstats for example) - how your product came up in a search. If you see any interesting search words combination, update your description.

Need good examples? Look at L.L.Been, Nordstrom’s or Macy’s online store.

Happy online selling to all!

Last updated on June 8, 2021.

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