Web Design and SEO Resources

Web Design

PlaceHolder for Images - 300x200 😄

CSS Navigation Generator

CSS Validation Service

CSS Compressor

How To Create Robots.txt

Special Html Characters


HTML 5 Tags

HTML Symbols

HTML 5 Outliner


Amazing JS Animations Effects

Tilt JS Effect

Web Design Directories

IT Support Manchester

National Directory - Web Design

Design Quote


Pixels to Ems Conversion

OCR (PDF to Word) Converter

Mobile Website Testing

Responsinator - Mobile Preview

Sizzy.co - Mobile Preview

Blur Effects via CSS

CSS Code for Blur Effect

Blur Effects

Animation Effects via CSS



Hover Effects via CSS


XML Map Generator

XML Map Generator 😍

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap Free Templates

W3Schools - Bootstrap Elements

Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet

Bootstrap Images Classes

SVG Filters (used in Bootstrap)

Spinkit - Special Effects

Mobile Menu Change to X

46 CSS Timelines

Argon - Free Design System - Bootstrap 4

Boot Swatch

React - Bootstrap

Foundation Icons

Foundation Icons

MDI - Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons

Inspired by Material Design Icons

SVG Icons

SVG Icons Creator

Git Repository

Git Commands

Git Download

Git Free Book

Alexa Sound Converters

ffmpeg install

ffmpeg on Github


Emojy Reference 😇


Mackaroo - Creating Dummy Data

Node.js + Express + EJS

ejs.co - Templates

Google News

Google Publisher Submission

Note: Make sure you use your gmail acct.

Web Hosting with SSL

SiteGround with Free SSL

Google for Webmasters

PageRank Drop - Youtube Video MC

Google Speed Test

RichSnippets Tool for Testing

RichSnippets Helper to Create a Snippet

Internal Links

On Selling Links

Google Academy

Google - Geolocation

Google Analytics

Stat Counter - StatCounter.com 😅

Google Insights - Trends

Google PPC Cost Estimator

Google Feedburner

Google Toolbar - PageRank

Best Practices & Common Mistakes(2014)

Google Forms

Reverse Image Search


Private Search Engines



What is my IP Address and Physical Location?





How to Implement AMP


Newsletter Templates

Newsletter Guide - Good!

Mobile Development


JavaScript Library for Mobile - xuijs


Python Books + Tools

Python - automatetheboringstuff.com

Python Tutor (for testing)

Python Tutorial Point {Good}

Python Interview Questions


API Testing - jsonplaceholder 😍

API for Test - RandomUser 😍

Spinners Collection 😍

CSS Spinners 😍

GraphQL 😍

Deploying to Netlify 😍

JsBin - JavaScript Testing 😍

Alexa Free Courses

A Cloud Guru NEW Alexa Course

A Cloud Guru Advanced Course

A Cloud Guru Course - Github Examples

Big Nerd Ranch Youtube Course - 6 parts

Cloud Guru Free Beginners Course

Cloud Guru - Add mp3 Audio File

Alexa Traffic Analytics - Operlo

Link to the Free Course (may not work) and email to oscar@opearlo.com

Link to the Free Course (may not work)

10 Best Practices Designing for Voice


Cloud Guru AWS Courses

Example: AWS IoT Simple Beer Service



AWS: Datasets & Resourses & IoT Challange

IoT Data with Kenesis

Amazon Lex - Bot

Amazon Lex Example

Live Chat - Overview

Live Chat


Flexbox Froggy Game 😣

GDPR - Privacy Act

Penalies for Breach GDPR

AntiVirus Software



Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing Org

Search Engine Watch

SEO Tools, Webmasters Tools

Search Engine World

Search Engine Prof. News


Search Engine Land

SEO Tools

Bruce Clay Seo Tool Set



Awstats: SE Statistics

Clicky Analytics

Crazy Egg Analytics

SEO Power Suite (from Affiliate Marketing Summit 2018)

Qirina - Keyword Analysis

WireFrame Tools

Wireframes - MoQups.com

Wireframes - Uxflow.com

Design Tools

FIGMA Sketch Tool - Browser

Adobe XD Sketch Tool - Windows

Alexa Skills


Voice Analytics - Alexa and Google Home

Breakup Monotony - Rotate Responses

Alexa Cards - Blog Post

Include a Card in Your Skill's Response

Quiz Game

How Data in the Slot is Handled

Alexa Color Picker

Available Alexa Templates

OpenData - Las Vegas Gov

OpenData - Socrata Getting Started

How to Re-Certify the Skill (at the bottom)

Alexa Skill Node.js Manifest

Alexa Skills Command Level Interface

Public Datasets

Public Datasets via Partners

Las Vegas Open Data

Screen Writers

Sean Hoade Las Vegas Screen Writer

Lance Weiler - Sherlock Homes and the Internet of Things

Affiliate Marketing

Google Adsense: Gifs for her, Stores like Zulu

Press Releases - Advice

Press Release

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Luis Tutorial

Create Chat Bot with Node.js

SSL Certificate

HTTPS Mixed Content Locator - Chome Extention

My Chome Extentions

Colorzilla - color picker and gradients

HTTPS Mixed Content Locator

Lightshot - a screenshot tools

Pinterest save button

TypeWoder to test Webs fonts

WhatFont to identify fonts on web pages

Window Resizer

Wireframe to identify active divs

Website Name Generator

Website Name Generator

Article Title Ideas

TweakYourBiz.com - The Best 😣

Portend - Very Good

Blog Topics

Title Case Converter

Word Count Tool

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