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Being #1 on SERP

Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Google Search Results.

You have no idea how many clients have told us, "I want to be #1 in the search results. Can you do it for me?"

Personalized Search

What people don’t realize is that all search results on Google are personalized; they are based on a viewer’s previous browsing history and location. On every computer search engine displays different search results to a viewer.

Here are just of few of many things that can affect your Google search result:

  • Previous browsing history
  • What devices you use - a mobile phone, tablet or a desktop computer? Results could be very different.
  • Physical location of your desktop computer (yes, your computer’s unique IP address tells search engines the location of your computer).
  • Physical location of your mobile device (your device has a GPS installed).
  • Are you signed in to your Gmail account or not.
  • What datacenter processed the search request? In different parts of the country, and at different parts of the world, the search on the same keyword will generate a different result.
  • Is Google testing a new algorithm? This algorithm could be temporary or could be permanent, and it will affect your search results.

Search Results on Your Computer

And even if your website is #1 in search results, you are #1 only on your computer! Your website may not rank as high in the results sent to other computers due to the reasons shown above.

Position Zero or Featured Snippet Explained

When search engines take a snippet from your website text and display above the search results, we call it a Position Zero. Sometimes, it is also called a Featured Snippet. Today, being displayed in a Position Zero is more valuable than being displayed in a Position #1.

This image below demonstrates a website text displayed in a Position Zero.

Positon Zero

Webmasters Tools and Average Position

The average position exists. To find the correct average position of your website, for any given keywords, you have to look at the statistical report displayed on your Google Webmasters Tools account.

Knowledge is power, didn’t we say it before? Knowledge is even more power in search engines’ optimization world.

What is SERP?

Search Engine Result Page or SERP in short is a listing that search engines display as a result of your keyword search. This listing may include: websites, blogs posts, latest news, youtube videos, reviews, wikipedia articles, plus many other things. It also includes Google Ads relative to your search.

Usually, the most relevant and/or the newest articles are displayed first.

Google "Sand Box"

In addition, the first three months (and sometimes even longer) search engines keep the new websites in a “sand box.“ There is nothing we can do about it. Search engines, Google or Bing don’t owe us anything!

If you know that your business can’t wait for so long and your website must appear on a first page of search results right away, you should look into Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google and Bing.

Yesterday My Website Was Uploaded on the Server But I Can’t Find it. Why?

Search engines are very slow. It often takes two or three weeks for search engines to index a recently created website.

SEO Results Improve Over Time

Even after the Home page appears in the search results, other pages will appear later. The website position fluctuates all the time - people create new websites, Google is testing the new algorithms, Internet users create new ways of using search engines, your competitors optimize their websites for search engines, trends are changing, the economy is changing, etc..

Patience is a Virtue

Sometimes it takes close to a year until you can see the benefits of optimizing every page for search engines. In our experience, after 12 months the website should start generating new business leads. If your website doesn't generate new business leads after 12 months, then something is wrong with the website. Send us an e-mail and we can recommend you what kinds of changes are needed.

Additional Resources:

Best Practices and Common Mistakes in SEO (2014). This video prepared by Google covers three major topics: mobile sites SEO, multilingual and multi regional sites in search results, and monitoring SPAM abuse.

Personalized Search Results. This Google blog post explains how personalized search work, and how 180 days of search activity linked to an anonymous cookie in your browser affect your search results. Nothing really changed since this article was created. Search Engines became more sophisticated, but other then that you can expect personalized search results on any computer you use.

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