Mobile Websites vs. Apps: Simple Facts

What is a mobile website?

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A mobile website (also known as responsive website) will collapse to fit a variety of web-enabled devices and can be fully optimized for search engines.

Why creating a mobile website?

Responsive websites or mobile websites are efficient. They look equally good on mobile phones (iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones), on tablets, and yes, on desktop computers, because they adapt to any screen size from a single code base. It is worth mentioning that mobile-friendly websites, mobile-first websites, responsive websites, or responsive design websites mean the same thing.

We recommend our clients creating static mobile websites that can be adapted to different screen sizes and optimized for search engines. As always, the choice is yours.

Still, you need to know where your customers are, and statistics show that most Local searches today are done on mobile devices. If your site doesn't provide the information your mobile visitor needs, or even worse crashes their browser, you've probably lost a potential customer.

We use Foundation Zurb or Twitter Bootstrap frameworks to build our mobile websites.

Mobile Websites: Reality Check

Here are two other things to take into consideration: user experience and search results.

  • 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn't working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring (Source: Margin Media).
  • If the user searches the Internet on a mobile device, search engines display ONLY websites made for mobile in search results; desktop websites are not included.

Mobile websites and SEO

Mobile websites created with Foundation Zurb or Twitter Bootstrap frameworks can be easily optimized for search engines. They bring the same amount of traffic as desktop websites and often even more traffic.

If the website was created based on the best current trends and practices, search engines are your friends; every time they run a big update, they clean out low quality or fraudulent websites from their databases. By doing that, they open the doors to many good quality sites that otherwise would have remained buried deep in the search results.

Can a mobile website be converted into an app?

Absolutely! It is very easy to convert a mobile website into a mobile app and submit to the Apple Store and Google Play for distribution. Check AppyPie Converter.

Do I need to have an app?

It seems like today everyone has an app. Your cat needs to have an app. Your dog needs to have an app. If you run a business, do you need to have an app? No, not really. According to Google, people never downloaded 60 percent of all apps, and from those that downloaded, 80 percent were never used or used only once. There are over 4 million apps today in the Google Play and Apple App Store combined.

Creating an app can be very expensive, and before you decide to spend thousands of dollars building a mobile app for your business, do the marketing research and learn more about your target market. Do your customers prefer to download the app, or they use Google search to find your business?

We can't optimize apps for search engines. You have to advertise an app so people would know that it exists, and the advertisement can be costly.

Last updated on March 20, 2020.

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